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The Kick@55 Method

Kick@55 Fitness is not just another class or personal training session, it is an all-encompassing program that addresses nutrition, fitness, group support, and emotional well-being.   We realize that every client has individual needs to attain their health and fitness goals.  Whether you are a stay-at-home mom with limited childcare, business executive with frequent travel, single 20-30 year old with a busy social calendar, or a senior citizen looking to minimize risk of osteoporosis, we understand your needs.  Every program is tailor-designed per the individual and is adaptable to your lifestyle.   We believe that the 55 minutes you spend with us in class or 1:1 training session can only be maximized if we have met your needs outside of class.   Consultations are available to create a fitness and nutritional program that works for your lifestyle.

We also believe that our staff is only one part of the equation.   We have built a community of clients that support each other both inside and outside of the gym.   Partner and group events/contests in class, social gatherings outside of the gym, and Facebook group postings reinforce this team environment.

Remember when you were a child and you didn’t need to work out?   You simply played for hours outside, which was more than sufficient physical activity.   We take the same approach at Kick@55 Fitness.   We try to make fitness a game that is constantly evolving and changing.  Instead of simple sprints, we integrate a tag game or relay races during class.  Workouts change weekly for bootcamp classes and every session for 1:1 clients.   Our goal is to not only shock your body but sustain your interest level in exercising long-term.