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Personal Training

Welcome to KICK@55 FITNESS

Whether you are trying to regain your pre-baby body after giving birth, gain some additional muscle tone, or make a lifestyle change, Kick@55 Fitness can help you meet your individual goals through 1:1 or group personal training. Our workout plans are customized per the individual to achieve maximum results. We want to make the most out of our workouts by optimizing our 55 minutes together. Our clients do not need to spend hours per day at the gym, give up their favorite foods, or follow extreme diets to look great. They just need to perform the right mix of resistance and cardio training when they are exercising, while eating the right combination of foods.

Our specialty is high-intensity circuit training that changes with each workout. The goal is to shock the body so your workouts and progress never plateau. Whether you are completing multiple circuits with plyometric cardio bursts or varied functional movements performed at high intensity, you are constantly maximizing caloric burn, reducing fat, and building lean muscle mass. Whether clients are starting a workout routine after a long sedentary period, or have concerns regarding chronic injuries (knee, hip, back, neck), we can create a low impact program while still challenging them. You have the option to pay per session or purchase a package of 15 or 30 sessions. 1:1 personal training can be done out in the open on the gym floor or in a semi-private location within the gym.

Individual Training

If you would like to meet with a certified personal trainer for a 1:1 session, a Kick@55 Fitness certified trainer will be matched with you based on your specific goals and scheduling requests. You and your trainer will assess how often you should meet, which will range from 1-3 times weekly. It is advised to schedule a recurring appointment for the same time(s) and day(s) weekly.

Group Training

If you are interested in personal training sessions, but would like to exercise with 1-2 other individuals, Kick@55 Fitness can accommodate you. If you have more than 3 people, you can inquire about setting up your own class.

Initial Consultation

Before you begin your individual or group training sessions, you will meet with a Kick@55 Fitness Certified Personal Trainer to review your medical and fitness history, and agree upon an overall plan of action. We will also take measurements and “before” pictures so you can track your progress. This service is complimentary if you purchase a package of 15 or more training sessions. Kick@55 Fitness can also track your percentage of body fat. (Additional fees apply.)