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Nutritional Counseling

Kick@55 Fitness believes in an integrative approach to weight loss and lean muscle gains. All areas of an individual’s lifestyle need to be addressed. Exercise is only one component to successful weight loss programs. A Kick@55 Fitness Certified Personal Trainer, who is certified in Weight Loss Management, can consult with you on your nutritional needs. Upon completion of your consultation, you will receive a customized nutritional action plan to follow. If needed, Kick@55 Fitness can track food daily and make a trip to the local grocery store to consult on “smart” meal choices. Please note that additional fees apply for these services. Contact us for more information.

factor-75If you want to lose weight and eat healthy, but do not have time to prepare your own food, Factor 75 is the perfect solution for you. It is less expensive than take-out from Whole Foods or a local restaurant and adheres to all of Kick@55 Fitness’s eating guidelines. They will also deliver to your home or office in Chicago and The North Shore at no additional charge. Click here for more information.