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Rebecca is more than a successful fitness professional. Her knowledge extends beyond exercise and nutritional support. As a mother, wife, and trainer in metropolitan Chicago, Rebecca has spent the last 16 years researching the best neighborhoods, childcare, preschools, elementary schools (public & private), day camps, extra-curricular activities, and restaurants for her husband of 11 years and 3 children (ages 3,6, and 10). She loves to investigate all potential options and has a spreadsheet for almost anything you can imagine; she is constantly asked to send this information to her friends and acquaintances. She is very involved with the elementary school where her children attend and sits on the fundraising board. She has a passion for ensuring that the children of Chicago are free from environmental hazards while attending school. In 2009, she spearheaded a group of over 200 parents and community members that challenged CPS and Verizon’s decision to install a cell phone tower on the smokestack of her children’s school playground. After spending two months organizing public forums, petitioning CPS, and enlisting the assistance of local media outlets like CBS, Fox’s Good Day Chicago, and NPR, Verizon rescinded their offer to install the cell phone tower. Over the last 4 years, Rebecca has been asked to assist other schools, residential communities and environmental groups with their efforts to block the installation of a cell phone tower. Overall, Rebecca has a passion for almost anything relating to the overall well-being of her family and wants to share this information with her community of clients, friends, and family.