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Age: 42Timeframe: 7 MonthsPounds Lost: 30Inches Lost: 3.5

I began training with Rebecca and definitely started to lose weight. After a while I stopped losing the weight. I actually began gaining some weight back. I realized that I had been returning to my old eating habits and my workouts had become less regular. In the fall of 2012, after gaining back all of the weight I had lost, I decided that I needed to make a change. It was at that point, that I finally started to take Rebecca’s advice to heart. With Rebecca’s training, guidance, and constant encouragement, I have been able to lose the 30 pounds over the last 5 months. I feel like I am actually in better shape now than before having kids. My eating is so much better and my workout regimen is more consistent. I am so thankful to Rebecca for all of her help. She has shown me a much healthier and happier way to live. Thank you Rebecca!


Age: 38Timeframe: 12 MonthsPounds Lost: 30Inches Lost: 3.7

Rebecca asked all the right questions and honed in to exactly what I needed to do to make the necessary changes so I could achieve my goals . She designed and customized specific workouts that were challenging for me. Rebecca showed me how to persevere and push myself to limits I never thought I could reach. Additionally, Rebecca taught me how to rethink food and use it to fuel my body in a healthier manner. Having Rebecca as my trainer made me realize that hard work pays off and you have to want it bad enough in order to succeed. I learned that there is no miracle pill to help. Only YOU can make the changes. I have been training with Rebecca for over a year and despite meeting my personal goals, Rebecca has continued to raise the bar in which I want to reach. I can’t imagine not having Rebecca be a part of my workouts.


Age: 33 Timeframe: 4 Months Pounds Lost: 15Inches Lost: 2.25

I started working out with Rebecca with the goal of slimming my mid-section down and getting in better shape overall. Within about 2-3 months, I dropped over 15 pounds and developed muscle in areas that weren’t toned before. Workouts consist of a variety of different exercises. Rebecca introduced a workout style that I was not familiar with and would certainly not have done on my own! She also offered great advice on eating habits to help maintain hunger and energy levels. This advice in combination with the workouts had great results that far exceeded my expectations and will keep me in shape in the long-term. Rebecca loves what she does and makes great efforts to help her clients succeed! And she’ll improve your horizontal life!


Age: 39Timeframe: 5 MonthsPounds Lost: 20Inches Lost: 2.25

I originally purchased 1 package of workouts with Rebecca. After using them, I purchased another package because she motivated me so much and I actually looked forward to going. I have met my weight goal and am currently maintaining it by continuing to watch my diet and by hitting the gym on my own. When I attended my sister’s beach wedding after working out with Rebecca for 4 months, I received so many compliments. I was not self-conscious in my bathing suit and fit beautifully in my bridesmaid dress, which I went down a size in! In 6 months, I lost 20 pounds and could not be more thrilled with my results!


Age: 33 – “Since starting Kick@55 Bootcamp class every week with Rebecca, I have seen great results! My body feels stronger, I have more energy, and I’ve lost 2 pant sizes! Rebecca not only spends one-on-one time with me every week in class, but she also has been a great resource when I’ve had questions about diet and exercise out of class. Kick@55 Bootcamp has been a fun and effective addition to my weekly work-out routine!”


Age: 52 – “Rebecca is supportive, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, organized and energetic, creating a personalized, seriously challenging — but somehow still fun — workout in the gym. She supplements that with dietary information and counseling, personal home workouts, email and text follow-ups throughout the week, and monitoring online progress trackers if desired. She tailors each workout to her client and his or her current situation, continually educating herself to be an even better trainer.”


Age: 36 – “Rebecca- Thank you so much for spending the last 6 months working out with me on my wedding body. You have been such an inspiring trainer but most of all an extremely sweet and supportive friend. I have truly enjoyed our time together- lots of fun chats and great laughs. I am so very happy I have had the chance to meet you! Thank you for everything; you are truly the best!”


Age: 45 – “I began working with Rebecca at a point in my life when change was necessary. I started training 2 days per week and was a total mess. My body was doing things it hadn’t done in 20 years. Rebecca pushed me beyond my limits! Not only did she push me physically with exercise but also nutritionally. She was full service. She was truly invested in me! I trained with Rebecca for almost 7 months. She gave me a gift and a goal. She provide me with tools to be successful and for that I will always be grateful.”


Age: 52 – “Rebecca has been nothing short of fantastic! She is fun, patient, understanding, takes into consideration my concerns and issues, and tailors my workout so that I get the best experience and achieve results. When I started, I also had significant back pain. Now I rarely have any back discomfort, I’ve lost almost 20 pounds, dropped two dress sizes and am fitting into suits that were once hiding in the back of my closet! I feel better, sleep better and am stronger! I would highly recommend working with Rebecca!”

Shane & Whitney

Age: 33 – “We originally started going to Rebecca’s Kick@55 Boot Camp class to get in better shape for our wedding. We both wanted an intense work out at least once a week where we could combine cardio and weight lifting. He was a college athlete and had just finished the Chicago marathon but he severely underestimated the intensity. We both stuck with it and loved our results. Our wedding was two months ago but we’re continuing with the class indefinitely. We love the workout and the attention Rebecca gives to her clients. Oh, and we love her music selections too. “


Age: 32 – “Kick @55 Fitness has changed my life. I have not only lost weight and transformed my body over the past six months of weekly attendance, but I have also completely altered the way I look at fitness/nutrition, in general. Rebecca has been instrumental in that shift. Along with providing an amazing workout that is different every week, Rebecca offers comprehensive guidance on nutrition and general health for her clients, which helps get at the real underlying causes of weight and body issues. With a full time job and two young children, I appreciate Rebecca’s organization and attention to detail. She keeps excellent records on her clients and follows-up with periodic progress reports, which has been a great source of motivation for me. Rebecca gives great feedback during and outside of class and is always the first to notice when I’ve improved in some way or when my body has changed. Having Rebecca’s consistent support and positive feedback has helped me stay on track as I work toward my overall fitness goals. I would highly recommend Kick@55 Fitness to anyone – regardless of your current fitness level!”


Age: 28 – “Try Kick@55 Bootcamp… it is like no other workout! There are so many gyms to choose from these days, especially with the rise of expensive boutique gyms, it’s hard to know where to go. As someone who is an avid exerciser and loves a hard-core sweat session, I have tried countless gyms and different types of workouts, but Kick@55 Bootcamp is the way to go. It’s a high intensity, high energy, high calorie burn that incorporates weights and cardio all in just one hour! I highly recommend you check out their kick-butt workout, they know how to take you to the next level!”


Age: 58 – “After many sedentary years, I decided I needed to get fitter – for me and for my family. I went to Boot Camp to get stronger, and intentionally left weight loss off my goals. Over the past five months, with a little dedication and a lot of support from Rebecca and the other Boot-Campers, I’ve increased my endurance, strength and flexibility. Because of Boot Camp I’m eating more sensibly and, slowly and steadily, I’ve lost weight. I am now fitting into clothes I haven’t worn in years, and it feels great. No doubt about it, it’s hard work. But Rebecca is extremely encouraging and supportive. The circuits she designs are adaptable to all abilities, and she takes time to walk you through each exercise. She built my confidence and now, instead of avoiding exercise, I look forward to the challenge. Thank you, Rebecca!”